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Date posted: March 2, 2015

2016 Honda HR-V captures multi generational appeal through tech-driven-transformability

Take a close look at the photo at the top of this article. We believe that 2016 Honda HR-V will be a best seller within weeks of availability. Why? it’s simple: Exceptional value, great looks and multi-generational appeal.

Honda transformer-like utility as exhibited in the 2015 Fit is featured in the all new 2016 HR-V.We’ve viewed it, sat in it, and will drive HR-V before months end; we like it! But will HR-V be good enough, advanced enough to dominate the hottest, fastest growing automotive segment in North America?

With Fiat/Jeep, Mazda, Subaru and others introducing affordable and sport-like compact SUV and crossovers, we look to the Spring release of 2016 Honda HR-V. Will this smaller than CR-V crossover featuring AWD option and mild off road capabilities be the Next Honda to take the compact sports-segment by storm? Or, will 2016 HR-V encounter market resistance on the road to segment prominence if not dominance.

2016 Honda HR-V may be the next North American Honda-built success story in a segment referred to by many industry insiders as “White Hot.” But, HR-V is not without serious competition. Every maker selling in Americas car market wants a piece of the action within a very competitive market. Yet, we don’t find an offering ‘exactly like 2016 HR-V.” There’s only one, and Honda makes it.

With a calculated throw of the dice, Honda rolls a winner
As U.S. auto manufacturers attempt an accurate, future-forward read on an ever changing world and U.S. economy, Honda’s sitting at the top of the subcompact and compact market with # 1 selling compact sedan Civic, and record setting 5 door compact hatchback 2015 Honda Fit.
2015 Honda Fit and CR-V sales are running at record highs, despite a recovering economy, ease of consumer credit, an uptick in pickup truck and SUV sales and cheap plentiful fuel.
In-fact, as stated earlier, we believe that Millennials and others considering the purchase of a new vehicle, may not be buying into the long-term-cheap-fuel-spew frothing from the lips of commodity speculators; they’re holding the line on economic sensibility learned by most folks financially impacted during the last world-wide economic recession, and opting for a smaller, fuel efficient, tech-rich personal transportation conveyance. O.K, let’s get off of the soapbox!

Why we like the Fit platformed 2016 HR-V crossover
We like HR-V for the same reasons we like Honda Fit: A bigger car ride, utility and fun-drivability. While spending some serious seat time in 2015 Fit, driving the streets and highways of Los Angeles, we discovered a small automotive transformer featuring mini-van utility, sports-like driving characteristics and exceptional fuel economy.

The Honda Fit platformed HR-V takes Fit-sensibility to the next level, through an exceptional coupe-like-premium-interior driving environment, aerodynamic body styling, an extensive list of standard featured personal connectivity and active safety features. You’ll also discover an optional all-wheel-drive feature, and that’s where the niche is created for 2016 HR-V; just below CR-V in size and price point.

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